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Exotic Shorthair Cat - Cat Custom Shape Pet Pillow

Exotic Shorthair Cat - Cat Custom Shape Pet Pillow

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Let your emotions out and express your love for your furry friend with this Pillow. 

Highlight Feature:

  • A high-quality Pet Pillow cover that makes the perfect gift for everyone.
  • Bring your favorite animal home as a Pillow Pet & go on an adventure or take a comfy nap.
  • Children of all ages will love this toy to play as a big pillow for reading, watching TV, studying, and taking a nap. 


  • Material: Velboa fabric (blunt fur fabric).
  • The product comes with a rear zipper attached.
  • 6 different sizes: 14×14 inches, 18×18 inches, 20×20 inches, 24×24 inches, 28×28 inches, 31×31 inches

Custom Pet Pillow - Best Choice For Your Home!

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